Eli Girgis, Founder/Photographer

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Ivan Silva, Founder/Photographer



Fujin Studios is a local photography duo based in Moreno Valley, CA founded by Eli Girgis and Ivan Silva

We are brothers — not the “from another mother” colloquially endeared type but actual, true-to-form brothers. It appeared that the universe had been colluding to give us a rough time at the start of 2016 and appropriately created circumstances that lead to our losing our jobs close to the same time just after the start of Spring. Despite the feeling of an “Alaskan Winter” having set upon us in April, this turned out to be a blessing we were simply unaware of at the time.

It was indeed a moment that would lead to regeneration and the blossoming of new endeavors in the coming months. We both have always been artistic fellows, curious & dedicated to pursuits of creativity that often permeated disciplines outside of photography (music, fashion, film, writing, etc.) however photography would be the one that would inspire our entrepreneurial interests. Always avid yet amateur followers of the craft, we took a leap of faith and decided to make it our profession. We have since dedicated our lives to capturing precious moments for all our wonderful clients.